an independent project space

Offside is a new independent project space for contemporary art in Vaasa in Finland. Offside core activities are exhibitions, projects and events. It acts as a meeting point and contact hub for Ostrobothnian artists domestically and abroad.

offside #1

Varastokatu 6, 65100 Vaasa, Finland

Offside #1 is an exhibition and happening that involves artists working in different media and artistic expression. In team sports, offside means breaking the rules by mispositioning of an attacking player. We use the term Offside to describe a challenge and opportunity – constantly seeking our place on the playing field while we risk breaking the rules. What happens when art is placed outside the given framework and regulations? Can it continue to work or could the offside position and breaking the rules have a constructive effect?

A new game plan equals a new framework, but the frame is not perceived as a limitation. On the contrary, it stimulates and inspires specific, conceptual and formal solutions. The setting as well as the surrounding walls offer a resonant body. The individual artworks and actions create a polyrhythm. Dissonances are a part of music, offside positions are part of the game. At best, a new chord or composition with a distinctive timbre emerges!

For more information please send us an e-mail to offside(a)

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